Our firm was founded at 1979 in Istanbul / Turkey with the name of "PAR-MAK Parildar Machinery". It was reorganized in 1982, with more skillful technical staff and high quality in production and it went with the name "MISAN LTD. CO."
    MISAN LTD. CO. first started producing oil coolers for heavy duty machines and improved its production capacity, with products such as: Shell & Tube type for Injection Machines; Radiator type Oil Coolers by using Fined Tubes which are also produced by MISAN LTD. CO.
   MISAN's Oil Coolers are used at all kind of Hydraulic Applications. Currently we are proud to produce various kind of heat exchangers for all kinds of industry demands with a wide range of production.
    Our large factory building which is used for both production and marketting, is located in "Ikitelli Organize Sanayi Mahallesi", Istanbul.
    Our products, which were produced according to the International Quality Standards, TSE and ISO 9001:2015 are marked with our registered logo "PM" and we use the "OEM" numbers for reference purposes only.
    All products are being subjected to extensive pressure tests and we provide one year product warranty.
   Best Replica Watches As a result of being one of the pioneers and leading companies on the subject, we are proud to be able to export most of our products over 30 countries all over the world. Our production methods and High Quality Omega Replica Watches capabilities provide you a reliable and fast manufacture time.
    Please call us if you need further information for our productions that you have seen in our web site. And also please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your cooling requirements, Our experienced Technical and Commercial Department will be most happy to help you for your technical requirements, too.

Thank you for visiting MISAN LTD. CO.